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Cost Reductions

As part of our cost reduction approach, KNF Construction, Inc. can provide expert contracting services working within our clients’ budgets. With all projects, a key element for successful completion is the development of action plans, in which specific requirements for each element of work are combined into an integrated schedule that defines its placement in the overall progress of the job.  For time-and-material projects, a project schedule and estimate will be developed that defines all labor hours, materials, travel, subcontractors, and other requirements to complete the scope of work.

The monthly planned expenditures of labor effort and cost elements will then form the basis for cost/performance status reporting.  This information is used for reprogramming of schedules and is applied in an effort to minimize impacts on project completion if problems are encountered within any sub-task.  Management control of projects will be implemented by thorough communication of objectives, clear and complete definition of task sub-elements during planning stages, and frequent comparisons of level of effort expended to technical output. The schedule and work plan developed by our clients will be strictly adhered to during project progression.  Technical supervision and inspections of each work assignment will be provided as part of our day-to-day management services.

Although KNF is a young company, our employees have been a part of the Construction Industry for many years, and have developed a rapport with several professional supply houses throughout the eastern United States.  Specifically, because of our close relationships with a number of supply agents in the Tri-State area, we can offer our clients extremely competitive prices on most construction materials, as compared to the established rates in the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area.


Conduct of field activities at many construction sites has the potential to affect the health and safety of KNF’s personnel and subcontractor personnel, as well as that of the public.  KNF’s personnel have experience working in many different field conditions, ranging from heavy equipment operation (including cranes, lifts, backhoes, etc.) to working within congested industrial areas.  Work may also be performed in remote areas with limited medical and emergency support services, if necessary. 

Safety Overview

Through an understanding of the potential hazards associated with the construction activities at sites, coupled with the experience in conducting similar work at commercial and industrial developments, our management team has developed a safety program designed to recognize and mitigate all potential health and safety hazards.  Our safety program, which is followed for all site activities, is based on applicable sections of the following: 

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Construction Quality Management for Contractors) 
  • OSHA Safety and Health Standards – 29 CFR 1910 (General Industry) 
  • OSHA Safety and Health Standards – 29 CFR 1910/19260 (Construction Industry) 

Because of our awareness of safety issues, our firm takes great pride in meeting all requirements listed above.  We practice sound safety procedures in a cost-effective manner which is in compliance with all the regulatory and contract requirements. 


KNF Construction, Inc. has adopted, and will implement, a proven quality assurance program as currently used by the Federal Government.  This QA standard is based on the philosophy of thorough planning and specification of goals, including minimum-acceptance criteria, in-line controls to detect deviations from the plan or specifications, and systematic corrections for when deviations occur.  The procedures and specifications which form the basis of KNF’s QA program constitute a proven method for ensuring that work is performed as specified, on time, and within budget. We are confident that the successful implementation of this QA program will ensure KNF’s achievement of the level of quality required to meet both the project specifications and our clients’ needs.

KNF Construction, Inc.


Project Planning

For major General Construction contracts, we will review the plans and specifications prepared by an engineer to familiarize ourselves with the work to be performed.  During this process, we will analyze the direction of the design to ensure that the desired results will be obtained in a cost-effective, timely, and safe manner.  Upon request, we also have the capability to prepare mechanical plans and specifications in-house.

Initial Planning
For each new project, KNF Construction, Inc. will collect and review all available site information, followed by a thorough site inspection.
After consultation with the client, we will identify and recommend options and alternatives that will best suit the needs of the client.

Site Inspection
After contract award, our staff will conduct another detailed inspection of the site to be renovated in coordination with the owner’s representatives.  The objectives of such meetings are to familiarize project personnel with the site surroundings, perform preliminary surveys, and obtain and review any available information.  Drawings, utility maps, and photographs of the area are valuable assets to obtain from the owner if they are available.